Feminist-allied Fathers

No one takes this blog seriously, myself included, because it should not be. With that being said, this is one of the few topics I hope some of you will hear me out on:

Every daughter needs a feminist-ally as a father.

What I mean by this is that as a father, you should be your daughter’s number one supporter & aid in providing her with the necessary skills to be comfortable in her own skin. Give her someone to look up to, not someone who will descend her into a daddy-issues spiral.

You will not talk about her body in a negative way, you will not subject her nor any other woman to slut-shaming, you will not stifle her ambition.

Be mindful of the effects patriarchy have had on you & your upbringing as well as how it affects you as a parent & a husband. Demonstrate healthy relationships & be respectful of your daughter’s mother, as both mothers & fathers offer unique perspective to upbringing. Be an example of healthy habits & respectful love.

Do not perpetuate gender roles. This does not mean a woman should not be a stay-at-home-mom, but it does mean that she should only do so by choice & not because it’s her place.

Let your daughter know that she can fix things on her own & delineate the difference between a change-maker & a complainer. Stimulate her to pursue higher education, if that’s what she wants.

Encourage her to run, go rock climbing, & play sports, as they provide you with skills relevant to the workforce & adulthood. Teach her how to cook/bake, as self-sufficiency is necessary. Inspire her to travel & manage her finances.

Most importantly, don’t keep her under the illusion that she will not experience pain in the world, as it can be cruel. Allow her to make her own mistakes & serve the role as an advisor & moral support when she needs you to. Do not kick her while she’s down.

Love Always,
S. Mejia


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