That Fish Cray

For those of you starting out at UCLA, it’s Zero Week, b/tches. This fall quarter may or may not include Kristen Stewart, as there has been mixed coverage over the summer that she plans to pursue a degree in English Literature. AKA switch her career path from mumbling on screen to making lattes (that’s funny because it’s mean).  Clearly still wish I was still an undergrad, but I digress.

This past Saturday, I joined NRM at work; she’s the Cray-Police. Recently, she started working for Mountains Restoration Trust. MRT is a non-profit organization determined to preserve the ecosystem of the Santa Monica Mountains. Though her job title is not something as cool as the Cray-Police, she is part of a team responsible for trapping invasive crayfish. They measure them, determine their sex (“Am I confused? Yes? Then it’s a female), & use the data for research.

Aside from the biological composition of crayfish. I learned that “crayfish” & “crawfish” are synonymous. The terms are simply regional.

ImageNick explaining safety rules to adorable volunteer group of Boy Scouts.

Sometimes, they find fish in their traps. The most common ones are the chub (native) & the carpe (invasive). Chub fish go back into the water & carpe fish go to (look away, kids!) Fish Heaven.

ImageNRM holding a chub & a carpe. Nick holding a crayfish. A creek holding inorganic & organic material behind them.

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