On my mind

A couple weeks ago, I attended a political event in a beautiful Studio City home for Emerge California. They’re dedicated to training & grooming Democratic women to run & hold office, as the majority of our representatives lack ovaries.

Whenever I find myself in situations like that, my mind goes off in multiple tangents–ranging from my support of free booze to how I wish I were as good an orator as Kafi Blumenfield. Eventually, I asked myself, “What defines sexy?”

I was in the company of many strong/smart women. Yet on any given day/night, girls prance around the streets of LA as if it were some giant whorehouse. To show skin is to show skin but honestly, leaving nothing to the imagination seems like no fun at all.

I’m convinced that “sexiness” lies within you & you exude it. A sense of confidence & how you carry yourself, perhaps. Women who dress well,  those whose thought-process extends beyond their look & can get what they want without having to remove an article of clothing,  those are the women I look up to.

See: Christy Turlington


Photo by Inez van Lamsweerde and Vinoodh Matadin; 2008

Love Always,



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