We’ll have a good time

Press Play: Take the Time by Tiny Tiny

The bad news is I’m guilty of neglecting the blog. The good news is I’ve been negligent because there’s so much life happening!

For instance, the Air + Style festival. The Los Angeles sky poured and poured all day Sunday, but when you combine a rain lover  with an over planner who keeps extra blankets and umbrellas in the trunk, a little rain is no problem. The same cannot be said about the badass skiers, who had to cancel the latter half of the competition due to poor weather.

Alas, we were predominantly there to watch Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeroes, The Flaming Lips, & Steve Aoki. They were all fantastic, The Flaming Lips were as artsy as ever and the advantage of a rainy Steve Aoki performance became obvious when he caked everyone, but Edward Sharpe & TMZ played the best and most heartfelt set.

I also have a new job. It’s a pediatric cancer research nonprofit and I’m so so very happy there. I needed something that blended policy and healthcare together and this was the perfect place.

My domesticity continues, as I’ve slowly learned to cook things other than breakfast.

Not breakfast!
Not breakfast!

Lastly, I have tons of life-altering decisions to make within the next few weeks/months. Will keep you all posted.

Now you all know I’m still alive & still not good at writing!


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