Finally, I could breathe

Press Play: New York, New Dorp by SBTRKT ft. Ezra Koenig

Today marks the start of my fifth week living in Manhattan. I never aspired to live in New York; had it not been for graduate school, I would’ve never moved.

Our common area remains a work in progress
Common area! Living room/kitchen/dining room because NYC.

My roommates (Lexi + Red) are also West Coast girls; they’re from the pacific northwest. Quickly, we’ve learned East Coasters can pin us as West Coasters based on our complaints about humidity & disdain towards Dunkin’ Donuts (also my use of ‘dude’ & Lex’s accent). They’re both very bright, sweet, & inspirational. Quite different from me, which I love. They teach me about things like fashion & art–subjects my biology & political science background seemingly dismissed.

French Press mornings
French Press mornings

I was hoping to have completed my nesting period by now, but my room is still a work in progress.

My proudest achievement to date: hanging this shelf
My proudest achievement to date: hanging this shelf

Last weekend, I flew home for 12 hours for my grandmother’s funeral. Being back home felt foreign, almost. The trip was so short, I had no time to experience my favorite things about Los Angeles (beaches + In N Out). When I landed in JFK this time, I was no longer nostalgic for Los Angeles. It was like I was coming home. To New York.

New York, where my things are.

New York, where people expect you to walk if anything is closer than one mile.

New York, where riding the subway disconnects you from the real world & nobody can reach you there.


All the things that once annoyed me but I now find therapeutic.

Is this what people meant when they said I would fall in love with this city? Does this also mean I will want to leave it as soon as the honeymoon phase is over & I’ve lost interest? I don’t know the answer to that yet, but I do know I need to go back to Los Angeles at some point because no one could love me the way Nancy Rose does after knowing me the way she does. (She’s also the only person who thinks I’m funny.)

Circle skirts + downtown wind tunnels will be the death of me
Circle skirts + downtown wind tunnels will be the death of me

But for now, I am finally free.

The future is bright!
The future is bright!

Love Always,


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